Cali vs Paris : 5 main differences

That is what December 2nd in Santa Cruz, California looks like ! Which made me realized how many things I forgot that I used to wear all the time in France and never ever since I have been living in Cali : Black tight : Winter in Paris, they are a must have, it's freaking … Continue reading Cali vs Paris : 5 main differences

Holiday Season

As we are officially getting into the holiday season, I just want to embrace it as fully as possible, starting by my wardrobe. I love holidays so much, that I have got a few new outfit all red to get in the mood as fully as possible. I got this maxi sweater from Zara, that … Continue reading Holiday Season

Seoul, South Korea

Insadong in the morning Insadong at night Gwangjang street food market Hanok Village (traditional korean houses) Gyeongbokgung Palace + Hanbok rental DDP center To plan our trip to Seoul, we watched a ton of these videos. They're funny and well made so they got us very excited about going to South Korea. After watching so … Continue reading Seoul, South Korea