Get back in shape after baby

I have to be honest since I've had a baby, I didn't start working out at all. I wish I did and the more the time goes by, the more I think how hard it's gonna be to ton my body again. I don't feel like I have weight to lose, but I would love … Continue reading Get back in shape after baby

10 Things to know if you visit Paris

I love the Louvre Museum. It has always been a place for me to go when I had nothing else planned. (Especially if you are under 18th, it's free.) Paris is still the most beautiful city in the world to me. And it feels incredible to be walking through History wherever you are. And my … Continue reading 10 Things to know if you visit Paris

My 4 new year resolutions

I'm already back from France. It was a very cold vacation. And I'm so happy to be back in the "warm" California. New year has been started for a week already and normally I never make plan or set myself goals for the new year, because... well... who really stick to them, right ? But … Continue reading My 4 new year resolutions

Cali vs Paris : 5 main differences

That is what December 2nd in Santa Cruz, California looks like ! Which made me realized how many things I forgot that I used to wear all the time in France and never ever since I have been living in Cali : Black tight : Winter in Paris, they are a must have, it's freaking … Continue reading Cali vs Paris : 5 main differences