Sunflower picking and Family time

This is actually the first time I go sunflower picking. I didn't even know it was a thing! Emiliano was loving to play hide and seek with Pepe in the middle of the flowers. They would call me and he tried to scare me. He actually loved the sunflowers so much that he was crying … Continue reading Sunflower picking and Family time

We’re having a….

Giiiiiiiiiiirl ! Time to get a little personal here. We are so excited be expecting a little girl and for Emi to become a big brother. However, to be honest, the idea of having a girl terrifies me. This terrifies me for two reasons. First, I am used to have a boy and I am … Continue reading We’re having a….

How to Look great while pregnant

Pregnancy is one moment in life that can allow you to look stunning despite too much weight, feeling sick, water retention and other not-so-sexy symptoms but trying to maintain some level of style while pregnant isn't the easiest thing to do! We sure want to prioritize comfort during those uncomfortable months (especially towards the end). … Continue reading How to Look great while pregnant

4 tips to visit Mexico with a toddler.

We made it to San Miguel de Allende, after a one day stop in Guadalajara, we took a bus from Primera Plus to get there. Considering we were travelling with a toddler, the bus was decently comfortable, but after 5 hours on the road, it was more than time for us to arrive. San Miguel … Continue reading 4 tips to visit Mexico with a toddler.