Life Update Postpartum


Hi there !

It has been quite a minute since my last post, I guess I could talk about postpartum overwhelmedness but I don’t think everybody will be passionate about it.

Anyway, the one thing that gives me all my energy is spring coming back !! And I am so excited to get to go outside again, take photos and wear dresses. Here is what I have been doing for the past few months.

  • We bought a school bus that we are turning into an RV, it has been 5 months and still looks like crap


  • I have always hated coffee all my life, but after 2 kids and all the sleep deprivation, I finally forced myself, and now I drink coffee every day


  • I got this dress on major sales at Zara: $12 instead of $70, I was really excited (small pleasure of life)


  • I have been absolutely all over the place with food (for someone who is usually very organized) and we eat out a lot, and we had a lot more junk food than I would like. But ho well… that’s the consequences of expending my family and I know (at least I hope) that within a few months everything will get back to normal.


  • I have been nursing since the beginning and plan to nurse until 1 year. So I have a limited clothing option (button or large t-shirt)


Boots : Toga Pulla

Dress : Zara you can find similar here 

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