Apple Picking: From farm to table

lately, I cook a lot more than usual (and I usually cook a lot). Well to be exact, I am trying to stock on homemade food (remember how I talk about it here), because in 6 weeks I will have a new little one at home and I want to be ready foodwise to avoid going for take-out too often.

So last weekend we went apple picking. What better than having a fun activity for a toddler while picking up your grocery at the same time.

We went to Clearview Orchard by Santa Cruz, it’s one of the rare organic orchards I found. It was really fun and the apples were so delicious !! It really has nothing to do with apple you buy in the store (I’m usually not a fan of apple, but those ones I can’t stop eating them) and it’s even a little cheaper. I seriously want to go again!

Next step will be cooking them with Emi and make applesauce, I don’t know if that’s gonna be as exciting for him, but finger crossed 🙂

Because I am deeply passionate by organic and sustainability, I just want to throw out there the reasons why organic apple picking is the best: Apples are continuously in the top 12 of the “dirty” fruits. A conventional apple can contain up to 47 pesticides residue (check out more info here). Fruits and veggies slowly lose their vitamins once picked from the tree, an apple you pick yourself will have more vitamins and nutrients than the one you buy from the store. Honestly, there is a lot more reason like : it’s more sustainable for the farm and workers, it’s better for the soils, the environment  and the bees… but I understand we often feel too far from those issues. If we can consider just one second that buying organic is, before anything, something we want to do for our own health, it will impact all the process as well.

For now, I’ll leave you with a few photos from the day, and I’ll be back with more Apple Recipe.

Enjoy fall !!




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