What I wish I knew when I had my first baby


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DSCF6097DSCF6135DSCF6155DSCF6101One thing about me, Before having Emi, I was 100% unfamiliar with kids. I knew I would never be “ready” to have kids but still decided to give it a shot (which was the best decision ever !!!!).

Now that Emi is turning 2 this week and I’m about to have baby number two in a couple of months, I wanted to share my experience about what I didn’t know. I definitely wish someone would have told me this stuff when my baby was just a little one.
1/ It Gets Better :
The number one advice is usually this: enjoy it when they are so small. Time flies and you will miss him being so small. In my opinion, even though they are so cute while being a fresh newborn, I am so happy to be past this point. When Emi was a baby, I thought it was so hard, frustrating, and lonely to spend all this time with a little one who doesn’t communicate with you. It feels like it’s going to be that way forever, but thank God it doesn’t. One day they start smiling, then laughing, then walking and talking and you can actually have fun with them. So when my next one is born and I feel frustrated and tired of all this work for “nothing” I will be happy to know that it’s not going to be forever, and eventually life will get back to “normal,” but even better, with a new little friend.
2/ You Will Sleep Again:
During those first few months when my baby was in a reverse cycle, I swear my face looked one year older for every month! I thought I would never sleep (and sleeping was my passion) more than two hours at a time again. I thought that within two years I would look like I was seventy. It felt like that was how my life would be from now on, and that it would never change. But again, thank God it went back to normal, eventually. I do still have to wake up once a night because he calls me, but I know now that, one day, I will get to sleep in my bed for a whole night.
3/ Take Everything People Give You
My baby shower registry was the most boring thing and only consisted of diapers, wipes and a bunch of “necessary” items. I didn’t want clothes because I knew that a baby would only wear so many clothes. In the end, no-one picked from our registry and gifted us clothes, which 1/ we wanted to choose the clothes ourselves and 2/ we thought it was unnecessary and too much while diapers are a must have. In the end, I ended up being so grateful for all those clothes because it saved me a TON of laundry loads. Yes, he may have worn some of them only two or three times, but when you have a newborn at home, laundry is a lot of work, no matter how many loads you have to do. I was also grateful for a mini bathtub, for soap… everything that wasn’t on the list but I ended up using as an emergency life saver !!
4/ Breastfeeding is Hard, but Keep Going :
I’ve already talked about it in this post. The first six weeks of breastfeeding were so hard, I wanted to stop all the time. In the long run, I’m so happy I didn’t gave up. All of a sudden, it felt like everything clicked and it began to get easier. I breastfed for a year (which was my goal) and for my next baby, I will remember that even if it’s hard. I have to keep going. Eventually, it will get better.
5/ Forget About the Schedule. Completely.
Don’t believe the pins on Pinterest, YouTube videos or blog posts that make you believe some people with infants have perfect daily routines.
Don’t give me wrong, I love being organized and scheduling my day to be the most efficient, but I quickly realized that will not be possible with a baby. I tried to fight it for a while, but it was just making my life harder.
Babies change their habits every other month, and when I felt I finally had a good routine going on, he would not comply with me anymore and I would have to readjust myself again.
For my next baby, I will understand to go with the flow without expecting to know how my day will turn out (or my week, or my month).
6/ Forget About What You Think You Believe in
In French we have a saying: “Only idiots never change their mind.”
I believed my baby would only sleep in his crib with a perfectly adapted newborn firm mattress and that babies have to learn to be on their own. That was until I found out how hard it is to put a baby to sleep. The nurses at the hospital were the first ones to tell me to sleep with him. When we got back home, the only way to get some sleep was to have him in our arms. I soon found out that most moms were doing the same (so much for me thinking that cosleeping was a big no-no). We bought a Dock-A-Tot after two weeks, because I was anxious about having him in our bed, and it was the BEST purchase ever. If I can recommend one item for baby, I would definitely say a Dock-A-Tot. Even though it is not recommended for co sleeping, I loved the fact that it feels like a little cocoon for baby and I know he his protected on each side.
Disclaimer, I do not encourage cosleeping, the safest place for a baby to sleep is in his crib with adapted mattress, I just give you my experience about having to adapt in some situation, this is what we chose to go with, but I do not recommend anyone to do the same)
Let me know in the comments if you have any other advice that you wish you had known when first becoming a mama (since I’m about to do it all again, I’ll gladly take new tips)

2 thoughts on “What I wish I knew when I had my first baby

  1. I also am not very good with kids.. I don’t have my own yet but am trying! I will keep this tips in mind once I do have babies. I particularly like that it does get better!


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