We’re having a….


Giiiiiiiiiiirl !

Time to get a little personal here. We are so excited be expecting a little girl and for Emi to become a big brother. However, to be honest, the idea of having a girl terrifies me.

This terrifies me for two reasons. First, I am used to have a boy and I am confident with raising a boy. We hear, “Strong woman, may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.” Well, I see it differently and I like to think that raising a strong boy will make a better impact in the world. Or better yet, a strong man! A man who won’t be scared of a woman, who won’t be scared of love, of feeling, of his emotions, or of surrounding himself with a strong woman because he knows the power of a woman. If our society carried more strong men today, debates about gay marriage, abortion, and planned parenthood wouldn’t even exist, because they would know that none of that is a treat to their power.

Unfortunately, it is still normal to raise a boy and a girl differently today, and to tell boys they have to be tough, and fight, and not cry, and that showing feeling is a sissy thing. We like to keep girls in a princess-y pink bubble. Why? This drives me crazy! I love to raise my boy playing in the kitchen, showing love and affection, and kissing us. I love to teach him that he is perfectly equal to a girl, and that’s how I want to raise my baby girl as well, exactly the same way! They will have the same chores to do and they will have the same activities offered (soccer, painting, ballet, acting, cooking… you name it). I want to teach them the same exact thing, so they both know that one isn’t different than the other, that we can’t put a higher quality one gender. I want to teach him that it’s okay if a woman is stronger because she will be an asset and maybe help or teach him to be even stronger.

I have no doubt that my girl will be strong, but is being a strong girl really a unique thing? Every girl can be strong, but sometimes the world is even harder for strong women. Women are exposed to so much negative treatment simply due to their gender. For that I will be forever terrified for her.

I hope she and her brother will be a team and will be looking after each other no matter which one is the oldest or youngest. This way they will push each other to be strong and keep each other safe.


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