How to Look great while pregnant


Pregnancy is one moment in life that can allow you to look stunning despite too much weight, feeling sick, water retention and other not-so-sexy symptoms but trying to maintain some level of style while pregnant isn’t the easiest thing to do! We sure want to prioritize comfort during those uncomfortable months (especially towards the end). But don’t we all wish to be that cute, flawless pregnant girl who seems to live her pregnancy like it’s a day at the beach (remember Kate Middleton with baby number three?? She had the worst nausea while she was pregnant!)?

1. Avoid loose clothing.

It seems impossible to follow this advice some days, but loose clothes can make you look larger than you actually are. They don’t just make your tummy look bigger but can give an overall larger appearance and that definitely isn’t what we want. A loose top can especially give a person a larger appearance (for example large t-shirt, large shirts, and loose pregnancy top or dresses).

2. Try wearing tighter dresses.

This complements my first point. You’re probably wondering, “what the heck can I wear if I shouldn’t wear maternity clothes??” Pants are definitely not the most comfortable piece of clothing, so I think the best and most stylish alternative is a tight dress. It allows you to show your belly full size (Bonus: when you just ate a big burger, you don’t even have to tuck your stomach in anymore!) while the rest of your body still looks regular size. No matter what size you are pre-pregnancy, I think tight midi dresses are the most flattering cut for every kind of body, especially while pregnant. Personally, I’m usually uncomfortable wearing a tight dress, because I get really self-conscious of my non-existent abs. So I really enjoy these dresses while I have my baby bump!
Plus, tight dresses support your belly well and are really comfortable to move in (with no pressure on the waist or stomach). When you’re picking out dresses, make sure to get the right size. I like to use non-maternity dresses (H&M has awesome options, and I’m wearing a dress from Zara here at 4 months pregnant) initially, but when the waistline is too tapered, it will get tight really quickly. I go for dresses that have straighter shapes.

3. Avoid maternity clothes initially.

Okay, okay, maternity pants and leggings are good, because you want your waist to be free from pressure as soon as possible, but avoid maternity dresses, tops, etc. in the first couple months. They are usually too big in the beginning (they’ll be great for last trimester pregnancy). Maternity clothing also doesn’t have the best structure, and will make you look bigger, or like an old mama!
Here again, I prefer to go for a regular brand with well-structured clothing and keep the maternity styles for the eighth or ninth months or pregnancy.

4. Continue working out (or give it your best shot).

I’m the worst person to give this advice since I personally hate exercising! However, I love swimming while pregnant (and I’m usually not a swimmer). It gives my body a bit of a break from the weight and pressure, and I love feeling that I am working out all my muscles at once compared to going to the gym and working on just arms or just legs (I call it the lazy girl sports:-)). Plus, exercise is so important while pregnant. It’s been proven that regular exercise during pregnancy helps to reduce labor time and risks of any complications. It will also allow you to recover way faster once you’re postpartum.
5. Treat yourself, put makeup on, and/or go to the spa.

You can also sign up for a monthly mom box. I love the Eco-centric Mom box since they supply only organic and eco-friendly products for mom and future baby. (You can get $10 off here ).

While pampering yourself, consider skipping painting your nails. Research shows that women carry a lot of chemicals in their body due to harsh chemicals in nail polish, so it isn’t recommended to get a manicure during pregnancy (especially in a salon, due to the fumes), as some of those chemicals can cause birth defects. Fortunately, some brands are toxic-free and totally safe to use during pregnancy, and then later on with your kids. Here are some of my favorites: ZoyaSuncoat  (great for kids as well), Piggy Paint (also great for kids), Honey Bee GardenRGB, Sheswai, LVX. I’m sure there are more brands out there, but those are the ones I’m familiar with. You can also consider this Karma Organic nail polish remover totally toxic-free. When searching for nail polishes, try to avoid these chemicals, as they are the most harmful: DBP (Dibutyl phthalate), Toluene, and Formaldehyde.

What are your tips to look great while pregnant? What have you done or doing right now? I’m curious to learn new tricks if you have any. Let me know in the comments!
Have a good day!



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