How I live Minimalist

I named my blog “Minimal and Style” but I’m not a minimalist the way you may imagine it: a living room with only a table and 3 chairs, 3 pairs of socks, 3 pairs of underwear, 1 basic t-shirt, and 1 jean that I would wash endlessly until they are ruined, and only then, it would be time to buy a new one.

Well, I’m not this kind of minimalist, but I do consider myself a minimal consumer, meaning that I keep my consumption to a minimum and try as much as possible to buy only what I need. One of the unspoken “rules” of minimalism (in reality there are no real rules and it’s more of a matter of perception) is that you only surround yourself with things that you really NEED, or really LOVE, and that’s what I aim to do.

From decluttering my kitchen every 3 months with the KonMari method (check out these videos for more info) to buying clothes that I love and know I can easily match with what I already own. I live in a small house so maximizing the space is a priority. It really forced me to reconsider my priorities in order to maximize our comfort. I wanted to show you how I organize my life, by selecting what I keep and what I get rid of. Living with fewer things in my house makes me feel much better, I truly love not owning a lot of things.

1/ Clothing :

As you probably already figured it out I love fashion and style, but as surprising as it may be, I do not own a lot of clothing. To be honest, our closet is only 3 feet wide so even if I wanted I wouldn’t be able to, and yes, I share those 3 feet of closet space with my husband. Our closet space really helps me limit myself a LOT to what I can and can’t get. I truly love each piece of clothing I own and wear them all the time. When something has been seating in my closet too long, I get rid of it. At first, it was heartbreaking, but now I really like it. It feels like a breath of fresh air every time we declutter, and I also get to buy new clothing. I can also use an option like Rent the Runway, for renting clothes. I get a closet full of new clothes every month at a quarter of the price.

DSCF5624Storing bathroom products, diapers, and extra sheets and towels in our only closet. With all my clothes and shoes.DSCF5625

2/ Bathroom :

I have one rule for all my care products: Do not buy a new one until you finish what you already have. It means soap, shampoo, makeup, moisturizer, hand-soap… everything. I also avoid storing items I don’t use for an unlimited amount of time. We’ve all been there. Sometimes people gift us toiletry products that we don’t really love so we don’t use them and end up storing them forever. Well, I either use them anyway or give them away! For all my facial products, I wait to finish one before trying a new one, and if I don’t like it I give it away or toss it out. Same thing goes for shampoo and conditioner. We only have one kind for the entire family. I love all of the Honest products. They’re great for baby’s but they’re great for us as well)…

DSCF5615Extra stool for Emi to climb on, laundry bag on the left, little hanging basket for hair items on the wall, and shelves on the left with essentials. (What you can’t see on the right part of the bathroom is only toilets and tub)DSCF5616Mini trash is emptyed every day and Little decor that makes me happyDSCF5618DSCF5620Toxic products hidden in the basket on top, hand towels and essentials: Cotton pad, floss, and q-tips in little jars DSCF5622Reusing old tea containers

3/Kitchen :

As you already know I am a cook so there’sno need to mention that I use my kitchen and cooking utensils all the time. Once again, I try to not to fill the kitchen with useless gadgets. Working in a restaurant, you carry your toolkit back and forth with everything you need to cook. Which mean that in reality, I don’t need so much to do a great job. I keep the same mentality at home. I have a couple of chopping boards, but for the rest, I try to limit myself to one piece of each (1 knife, 1 peeler, 1 cheese grater, 1 spatula…). The only drawback is that I have to wash the tools after every single use, but hey, that’s also part of living small.

20180327-DSCF2915Everything I need on an everyday basis20180327-DSCF292520180327-DSCF293120180327-DSCF2921

4/ Bedroom :

Since we have a tiny closet, this means we can’t store bedding, towels, or anything else that isn’t clothing. This means we only have one set of sheets. WHat ?? Yeah, I can imagine what you are thinking, “how often do they change them? how can they do that ???” Well, it’s as simple as washing, drying and putting the sheets back on the bed, all within a couple of hours. Same goes for our towels. Whenever it’s laundry day we wash them, dry them, and put them back in our bathroom for daily use.

5/ Living Room :

Everything has a purpose! Every object has a job and it’s not there just to look pretty. Yes, even the plants, their job is to clean the air. Our furniture is overall pretty basic: a couch with cushions, a pouf, a desk with a chair, and a small table that doubles as a side table and an additional desk that can be used from the couch. We used to have a few plants on the floor but they were taking up too much space so we traded them for hanging plants. It’s a great way to fill up the space high on the wall and not consume any floor space.

DSCF5629Plants make me happy and clean our indoor airDSCF5632Keeping my desk minimal for a better workDSCF5630Hanging hat on the wall for decor and being practical.

6/ Kid’s room and entertainment  :

The messiest room in the house is obviously Emi’s room. Everything and anything that has to do with him is stored in his room. Toiletries products, clothes, books, toys, etc. Toys are limited to only 2 baskets and books to only 2 shelves. Are you thinking right now that we are terrible parents who deprive our kids of all the great distractions in his house ?! Emi loves to play with pots and pans in the kitchen and I’m happy to let him do so as long as I am present. I had to secured everything he could have hurt himself with. He loves it when I take him to hang out in the library’s playroom full of toys, so we go to there once a week and we take advantage to exchange some books so that he can always have something new to read without having them take up more space in his room. We often go to kid cafe’s where he gets to play with millions of toys, paint, playdoh, and he also gets to socialize with other kids. There are so many options to entertain kids without having to purchase everything they could possibly want just so that they can get over it after a few months.

20180327-DSCF2891Left tub contains ALL his toys (yes all of them), right tub for dirty laundry. We use the coffee maker and copper mug regularly 20180327-DSCF2900All his clothe and shoes in the cupboard and drawers. Most of his toys have been gifted to him20180327-DSCF2906Simple decor make us happy and easy to keep organized

When I was in college studying fashion, I got into the bad habit of collecting eveeeeerrrryyytttthhhiiinng. I felt I could always use a piece of fabric, cardboard, an old postcard for inspiration, etc. Still today, my old bedroom in my mom’s house is… a hoarders room. I grew up being told that we can’t waste anything and to always reuse things. It took me years to change this way of thinking. Pepe got me in trouble thousands of times for keeping an old piece of glass, paper, or other random useless objects that where just taking up space. I ended up realizing that in the end, you can either choose to save a couple of dollars by living in a cluttered house, or you can maybe buy the same thing multiple times in exchange of a clutter free, stress-free, good looking environment. Years ago, I traveled all around the world on my own for 2 years, I was living off of only one backpack, and I wasn’t missing a thing! I loved this time of my life where everything I had could fit in a suitcase. It really released me from all the extra baggage we normally own and from the pressure of acquiring new items. Of course I sometimes have moments when I dream of a big house and everything I would put inside of it, but in reality, I love the fact of owning very few things and being able to take off whenever I wish.

9 thoughts on “How I live Minimalist

  1. This is such an inspiration! And your home, by the way, looks straight out of one of those home renovation shows. Everything has the perfect place! I’m pinning this for later and followed your blog. I’m really looking forward to your next posts!


    1. Thank you, thank you and thank you 😉 I’m so happy somebody can be inspired by it, I really feel like this way of life has brought me so much more joy and I hope that can give idea to someone else ☺️

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Love it! If only I could get hubby toembrace minimalism. Sigh. I can’t, but I try to control the areas I can control, and encourage hubby to give the gifts of shared experiences instead of presents. Its hard. People who love lots of stuff just can’t understand why others don’t. Anyway, an idea for unwanted bath gels, shampoos etc that we sometimes get for gifts – nearly all of it makes good liquid hand soap. I pour them intorefillable pump bottles next to my sinks. I haven’t had to buy actual liquid soap in a long time!


    1. That’s a good tip 🙂 I had kind of the same problem with bar soap. As I was mostly using liquid and soap, so I just decided “hey why not, lets use those freaking bar soap that are just sitting there” and Thanks GOD, I am finally done with all of them ahaha !! I know it can be frustrated when our spouse doesn’t follow us, and surprisingly I do hear this story often :-/


  3. Hi! Definitely an inspiration… thank you for sharing. Do you mind also sharing where you got the desk and chair?


    1. Hi, thank you so much ! For the desk, my husband actually made it, and the chair we found it on craigslit 😉 sorry that won’t help, I all about looking for cheap things ☺️


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