5 Healthy and Sustainable Lazy Day Hacks


My number one priority every day is being healthy and keeping my family healthy with food. As much as I can I want to be sustainable as well, which means: Reusable cloth wipes for a diaper change, reusable metal straw for drinks, carrying my Swell bottle of water everywhere and forget about Ziplog and other disposable plastic wraps.

After a day out running with Emi like today (plus, being almost 5 months pregnant), I am so tired that the idea of just having dinner get me desperate: Making food, dirtying pans and pots, dirtying plates and having to wash all that mess afterward. Especially knowing that I won’t get to rest until Emi is asleep.

Here are my few tricks when I’m so over my day, and all that I want is to be in my bed. Honestly, I still do feel guilty about it, but I try to make it, so it still goes with my believes and priorities.

  1. Organic Packaged food:

Usually, the beginning of the end, start when I realize it’s time for dinner and nothing is ready, and I really don’t feel like doing it. Making food from scratch is so important to me, but once in a while, I give up and keep in my pantry a few boxes of mac n cheese or pre-made risotto… Though, you don’t have to go for the regular Kraft ones. I get Annie’s organic Mac n cheese (those ones) for example.

  1. Disposable paperware:

Ok, this one is still hard on me, but hey, once in a while, who doesn’t love just to throw away the dishes, right? I use a compostable plate, forks and knives, and Voilà! In the compost trash! (Find them here, here and here)

  1. Home-Pre-made frozen meal:

Another option would be the pre-made food in my freezer. Once in a while, I make a big batch of fried rice or lasagna or fish stick for Emi, that I portion and freeze for desperate moments like this. I have a pretty small freezer, so storage is limited. But I’m so happy when I get lazy and just open my freezer to thaw something “homemade”. Plus the pre-cooking process, it’s a great activity to keep Emi entertain once in a while.

  1. Use a meal planning service:

Have you heard of meal service before? They send you a box with a recipe and all the ingredients you need to make it, everything is portion and detailed. It makes grocery and meal planning not even necessary to think about. I have heard of a few for a year but wasn’t interested because… they weren’t organic, but lately I found Sun Basket, an organic one and I am so excited a “food company” is stepping in to support organic agriculture… You can actually get 60% off your first order right here

  1. Baby Water Wipes

Sure, wipes aren’t a new trick, but since I’m talking about “staying healthy while lazy”, I had to mention the Water Wipes. Those are my favorites… I don’t always feel like getting clothe wipes dirty, so at least I know the water wipes aren’t loaded with chemicals that may go into Emi’s skin and then, being discard in the environment. #staylazybutstayclean

Let me know in the comment if you have more sustainable tricks, I am always looking for new ones, and I would love to have your suggestion, also we can all share our tips to make our life easier!

Have a good day.

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