Why I chose to live slow ?


Let me first set the stage:

I’m a business owner while a full-time stay at home mom. So even though I’m at home most of the time, I have 2 full-time jobs, so let me tell you that when the weekend comes meaning that Pepe will be home for a full 48 hours, it’s the best time in my life.

Living slow is my life goal ever since Emi was born. Because we rush around in our lives, work overtime, and don’t get to enjoy the simple everyday life, when Emi was 7 months old, we took 4 weeks off and traveled through France, Portugal, and Spain. During those 4 weeks, Emi started to crawl, eat fruits and got 2 (or 3) teeth out. It was amazing how spending so much time together had an impact on his development. Since that day, we cherish every moment we can and take things slow together. Because it’s the best for our son, but it’s also the best for us.

Saturday morning is the best morning because you know you still have the whole weekend ahead of you, right?! So this is the best time to enjoy breakfast together.  Take the time to set up a nice table, get the nice dishes, and cook the best food. We set a pot of coffee and a pot of tea for me (Yep, I’m really not a coffee fan, sorry for disappointing) and I cook some killer breakfast, like: “What do you feel like eating the most in your life right now? Okay, I’ll do it!” (it’s usually scrambled eggs and bacon or French toast).

In our past life (Aka when we didn’t have a kid yet), we would stay at the breakfast table for more than an hour talking about life. Now it is definitely a little more rushed, but Emi is a foodie, and as long as there is food around him, he is happy and stays still.

Yesterday, we went for a picnic. Emi was so excited to be able to snack while running all around. I found it the perfect plan to make everybody in the family happy.

What about you? What do you do during the weekend? And what would your ideal life rhythm look like? (And what is your favorite breakfast ?? I’m curious :-))

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