How to deal with craving in a healthy way

Is that weird to be craving for dessert sometimes? Heck no, right! And craving usually happen when I went into the store and saw some beautiful pie and felt like they would be delicious in my tummy.

But like for most of the food, pre-made dessert from the store can contain their load of preservative or additive that allow them to stay fresh and shiny all day in the window. The idea of feeding myself with those chemicals, cool me down when it’s time actually to buy one. So like for most of the food, I prefer to make it myself.

  1. I control the amount of sugar inside (store dessert are usually way too sweet for me).

  2. I control the quality of the ingredients (I know everything is organic)

  3. I teach Emi to cook and entertain him for a solid 5 minutes (yeah, he is 19 months old, can’t do better than that!)

So last weekend, I was craving a strawberry tart. Well, I had flour, sugar, butter, eggs, and milk only. Never mind, I went for an early morning trip to the store to make sure I can find organic strawberry.

Here is the result, 5 minutes of baby entertainment, then 10 minutes of baby’s mess, and the rest of the time me trying to finish the tart while controlling him climbing on the stool. All that to say, no! Cooking isn’t miraculously more natural for me; I’m a mom! But it’s my priority, and I try hard to make it work anyway. But I am pretty happy about it, and more than all, I healthily satisfied my craving! Entirely organic and low regular level of sugar!


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