Things to do in San Miguel De Allende

DSCF3063DSCF3090DSCF3080DSCF3092DSCF3064DSCF3068DSCF3077DSCF3069DSCF3131DSCF3137DSCF3118DSCF3127DSCF3129DSCF3111DSCF3121DSCF3125DSCF3109DSCF3132DSCF3124DSCF3102DSCF3100DSCF3099Looking at the photos, you will see that I’m not laying when I say that San Miguel is a very photogenic city.

It’s very easy to spend an entire week there, simply enjoying the city center.

Here is a list of things I have loved and you will want to do in San Miguel if you visit for a week end or more.

  • Get lost in the streets : Like I said, the city is beautiful every where you go. It’s really nice to get lost in the streets and stumble upon a coffee shop or a traditional Mexican restaurant. Take the time to enjoy the moment.
  • Eat at “Burrito San Miguel” : This place doesn’t serve your typical American burritos. Their burritos are small in size, similar to a taco, but huge in flavor. They have a ton of typical Mexican flavor options to choose from in a fast casual restaurant setting and best of all their prices are low.


  • Eat some Nieve on Insurgentes street They have every flavor you can imagine ! (here on the map)


  • Eat at Ocre : We had dinner here one night (just the two of us, Yup, an official date night occurred :-)) and it was amazing. The restaurant is located on the second and third floor, so you have to spot the stairs to enter on the street level where a hostess will receive you. Service was great even though we could tell it was our waitress first time doing this type of work she was really nice 🙂 The food is traditional but more on the gourmet side. The plates were beautiful and it tasted delicious.


  • Visit the park Benito Juarez (see map here) It seems far on the map, but it’s an easy walk from the center.


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