Kitchen Remodel for $100


We finally achieved a well overdue remodel : Our kitchen !

What a breath of fresh air now that we have a beautiful, bright, and organized kitchen. I can’t believe it took us 4 years to do this.

I don’t have any before photos (and honestly I would be embarrassed to show them if I did). Just imagine this wall an empty blue wall, stove, and a metro rack with baskets used for storage. As the family grew, we had figure out a way to use the space as wisely and efficiently as possible.

We knew if we wanted to install shelves on the wall, it would require some patch and paint the day we would move out. Since we don’t have the original paint (to do just a small cover up), it would have required us to paint the entire wall, and honestly, we weren’t excited about that.

Last month we finally decided : Screw it ! let’s paint the wall white and install a few shelves, that way it will be easy to patch and paint whenever we move out.

Since we’re renting the place, we didn’t want to invest too much money on the remodel. We had to be patient and take our time looking for the best deals possible. Finally after a few weeks we had everything we needed to get started.

Like I mentioned earlier, there was no kitchen cabinets on this wall (there was cabinets on the other wall not pictured), and we were tired of the industrial metal racks. I searched on pinterest for old school french kitchen storage/pantry ideas but they were too expensive, so I thought of getting a regular dresser instead and customizing it. We found this dresser on Craigslist for $50, it used to be a changing table dresser. We painted it white and changed the door knobs for some cute white and blue ceramic ones ($10). To make it look more kitchen like, we added a butcher block countertop that we got for FREE on Craigslist.

For the shelves, I had found some at Ikea that were pretty nice, but a little too pricey considering that we needed at least 6 of them. We decided to wait until we found a good deal somewhere. Then one day while walking on the mall, we spotted an empty Gap store was closing. Not only were they getting rid of all their clothes for really low prices but they were giving away all their furniture for free. YES, all their shelves, dummies, desks, countertops, clothes racks, etc. The shelves were a little too deep but we couldn’t pass the opportunity so we took 6 of them and cut them to the right size to fit our wall.

The Spice rack used to be a wine crate, we simply cut the lid to turn it into shelves for the spices ($5).

The last piece we needed were the brackets to support the shelves. It appear that brackets can be really expensive. So we opted for the simplest ones that would support enough weight. We bought them from a Hardware store and paid $50 for 9 of them.

We had leftover paint from a previous project so didn’t have to spend any money on it.

That’s it! What do you think about the end result? If you have questions let me know. If you have tips  or ideas on how to do a free or cheap remodel, I would love to hear it. I think the trick is to be patient and look on craigslist every day. At least that’s how we always manage to get good deals. The kitchen is our favorite place in the house, and now that Emi is getting bigger, it’s perfect to have him sit with me and help while I’m making dinner.


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