Todler’s room makeover


We live in a one bedroom apartment.

While we used to be pretty comfortable before having a baby, we had to find new ways of organizing the space in a more efficient way now that Emi went from being a baby to a toddler.

First thing we wanted to do was a “safe room” were he could play without us being looking over him every second. It mean that the room would have to be

  • Baby proof
  • Furniture secured against the wall
  • Play Area

In order for this to be possible, we knew we had to sacrifice our bedroom to make it “Emi’s Room”. With a few inspiration from Pinterest, this is what we came up with.

We also wanted the room to have a Montessori approach.  This ment that everything had to be at Emi’s reach. He’s able to grab his clothes by himself, he’s got just a few toys (not a ton), and a reading nook where he loves to lounge throughout the day.

Another thing I really wanted was a little kitchen (there is so many great DIY of the Ikea kitchen on Pinterest ! ). It was really funny to see my in law’s first reaction when they saw it for the first time “but he’s a boy!!” 😀 What I like to respond is, “The most notorious chefs in the world are men, so why would a kitchen be a girl’s toy ?? :-)” . Regardless, I turned it into a “coffee shop” style kitchen to make it more “boyish” and I painted the sides with chalk paint so he can write something on it (maybe the Menu ?! 🙂

The plush animal heads are from Babys’R Us (but I’ve seen some at Target as well)

Tepee is from Amazon

Chalkboard : Michaels

Rug : Rug USA

Furnitures and bed : Ikea




  • 20180327-DSCF289120180327-DSCF289320180327-DSCF289520180327-DSCF289920180327-DSCF289620180327-DSCF290020180327-DSCF290220180327-DSCF290420180327-DSCF290620180327-DSCF2908

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