10 Things to know if you visit Paris

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I love the Louvre Museum. It has always been a place for me to go when I had nothing else planned. (Especially if you are under 18th, it’s free.)

Paris is still the most beautiful city in the world to me. And it feels incredible to be walking through History wherever you are. And my favorite thing is to show my family and tell them about all the great thing the city has been through.

Here are quick tips if you are planning to visit Paris :

1/ DON’T visit Paris in August. Every time somebody comes to me all excited to say “I’m going to Paris in August”, I feel like “Hooooo Nooooooooo” (with a little tear for them in the inside 😉 Paris is dead in August. A LOT of restaurants are closed, some private museum closes too, theaters etc. As much it is a blessing for locals (Plenty of free street parking), as much it sucks for tourists who stay only a week or two.

2/ Don’t go to a museum and touristic places on the weekend. It can be very empty during weekdays so enjoy it better (also for theater, restaurants etc)

3/ Go at Chez Chartier, but at 6pm. Parisians start eating between 7 and 8pm, and the line gets verrrrrry long in a few minutes only. Chartier is open all day, so take advantage of to eat at an earlier time. Chartier is a very old institution in the city, representing what French bistro really is. It is one of the very first restaurant invented (and actually one of those who invented the concept of restaurants). The food is very cheap and basic as well as the wine, but it’s nice to see and experience the place. Find more info here


4/ Don’t dress up to fancy, but not in sweatpants neither. Parisian aren’t really into dressing up exceptional even for dinner or party… They do dress nice, but you will notice more ballerina and flat shoes than high heels. My outfit here is a good “well dress” Parisian style. Black tight, midi skirt, pretty easy. The skirt is from Maje and you can find it here .Also one thing, When they see a girl with a short dress, tight dress, sequins,  or very high heels, (or all of the above), they know right away she is not a local 🙂 In the contrary, you won’t see a local going to the grocery store with sweatpants.

5/ Parisian DO smoke. That’s it 🙂

6/ You can say “Putain”, it’s ok. I always think it’s funny how saying “fuck” in the US still makes people giggle. In Paris, you can say “Putain” and it’s normal (well, depending on what you are saying) Check out this very funny video about it

7/The Opera Garnier is also one of my favorite places. There is often exhibition there, and you can visit the place every day for 12€ when you can get an actual show ticket for as low as 5€ and most generally around €20 over here . So go and see a show, you will have the full experience.

8/ Be careful of thieve, pickpocketers etc. Yes Really, really, REALLY,  in the metro, and in the street, everywhere !!!

9/ Public bathroom are rare. I used to be used to it, but now, I don’t understand anymore.

10/ Don’t mind the mean lady at the boulangerie. Yeah, no one like to buy bread from a mean lady, but they can be like that sometimes (or often), don’t worry about it, just don’t talk to her either 😉 But usually, local people are nice, even with foreigners (as long as you get out of the touristic area)

Do you have another tip about Paris? Leave it in the comment, if you are local, I would love to see what you recommend 🙂

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