My 4 new year resolutions



I’m already back from France. It was a very cold vacation. And I’m so happy to be back in the “warm” California.

New year has been started for a week already and normally I never make plan or set myself goals for the new year, because… well… who really stick to them, right ?

But after a week I decided to actually make some little changes in my everyday routine. Nothing crazy, but here are my new goals for the year :

  • Workout : I am NOT a workout person !! NO NO NO. But I love to eat, and even though I don’t have weight to lose or anything (Thanks Organic and non processed food), I thought it could be fun to start a little daily workout just to keep in better shape. I use workout idea from Pinterest and I do a different one every day. I like those ones, because they are easy to follow and quick.
  • Yoga : It goes with workout. It’s always good to do a little yoga after.  I used to meditated every day and I stopped completely, so I would like to get back into it.
  • Meal planning : I always try to plan my weekly meals ahead but I also tend to forget. It’s far from the spontaneous and fun life idea, but meal planning is a great way for me to 1/ Not waist food 2/ Not buy to much (and save money) 3/ Eating healthy.
  • Week planning : Again, this is not spontaneous and fun, but running a business and taking care full time of a toddler require some organization. So I plan my whole week, including the workout time, the work time, the cooking time, and what to do while he is napping. Here again I use Pinterest,  I like to print planner as I go (This one is my favorite) Since I can stay with the same routine for a few weeks and later I make some changes.

There are my new year resolutions. Do you have some ? What are they ? Are you still following them ?

Happy New year to all of you, and hope it will be filled with Love and Success 🙂

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