Cali vs Paris : 5 main differences


That is what December 2nd in Santa Cruz, California looks like !

Which made me realized how many things I forgot that I used to wear all the time in France and never ever since I have been living in Cali :

  • Black tight : Winter in Paris, they are a must have, it’s freaking cold. I was looking for some in my drawers a few days ago, and couldn’t find one pair. This is a kind of clothe that I use to buy all the time.
  • Gloves : Haven’t wore gloves in years, last time I went to the mountain for a week end, I didn’t even had a pair. I had to keep my hands in my pockets.
  • Beautiful coats : I bought this coat from Essentiel last year in Paris, it’s a pretty thick one and I love it, but it’s too pretty and warm to be wear every day in California, but over there, I would have worn this coat every days with…
  • …High heels : Rain or shine, snow or ice, I used to wear high heels all day long every days. But once again, in California, I like to have a more laid back style, so no more high heels for me. Although for some reason, I was really excited to wear my Louboutin on the boardwalk, and I have been incredibly comfortable in it during the whole time we hanged out their. This pair is the Pigalle Follies , Click on this link to see their very cute Christmas video.
  • Metro card : I’ve never owned a car really before living in California (well, I had a car but wasn’t really using it)

Also for the records, this purse is from Playnomore, I got it in Korean (it’s a Korean brand). I don’t own many purses anymore (no space to store so much purse, shoes, clothes…) so I really love it and wear it all the time.

And you, what are the pieces of clothes or accessorizes that you would get if you had no space for more than 3 ? I’m curious to know. In the mean time, you guys have a good week end !

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