Holiday Season

DSCF1867DSCF1856DSCF1878DSCF1858DSCF1793DSCF1839As we are officially getting into the holiday season, I just want to embrace it as fully as possible, starting by my wardrobe.

I love holidays so much, that I have got a few new outfit all red to get in the mood as fully as possible. I got this maxi sweater from Zara, that you can find here. It’s perfect because even though it’s pretty thin, it kept me sooo hot during the day, I didn’t even need a jacket.

I am so excited this year to go spend christmas in my family in Paris. As much as I love the US for the holidays, because we get into the spirit very much and the music, and the hot apple cider and the hot cocoa, and decoration, christmas light every where  etc etc, the only thing that I have been missing for the last few years, was family (and traditional french food 😉

I can’t wait to get some nice shot from Paris to show you. For now I leave you with our christmas three cutting photo from last week end !


Have a good week !


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