Breastfeeding 12 months check

Breastfeeding has never been my number 1 goal !

When I got pregnant, I assumed that a baby was only as expensive as you allow him to be.For example, buying formula for 12 months is a pretty high budget that I could save by breastfeeding. Nature gave me the ability to create free food for my baby so why not taking advantage.

Although I know how breastfeeding can be a struggle and every body doesn’t get the same chances about it, so here I am only talking about my case, and in no way judge mama who has made other choices. Nursing result of a personal choice that I understand so well, their is no good or wrong choice about it. I just want to tell you about my story as one in the middle of millions.


So as I said, breastfeeding has never been my goal, but for budget purpose I thought it would be the best option, ho and also for the immune system thing etc etc…

When Emiliano was born, he latched on right away, from day one I had no problem with nursing, and I thought “ho my god, it’s so easy, having a baby is so easy etc etc” but then it happen….

I’m not gonna lie. Breastfeeding is NOT easy at all. As much as day one was fine, day two started to hurt and the three first month were just so haaaaaaard. From engorgement, to unknown pain every time he nurses, to tiredness etc etc, every days I wanted to give up.

At the hospital, they warned me about it and said : “don’t give up, no matter what, don’t give up”. Fortunately they were right. It took 3 months but after that, nursing became a “day at the beach”, I’m so glad I kept going when I wanted to stop. Of course everyday of the rest of the year hasn’t been perfect (some times I had less milk, some time it started hurting again. But nothing compared to the first 3 months). So in case you go through the same thing, here are some tips, things and products that I have loves while nursing.


1/ Pain :

As I mentioned, It get SO MUCH BETTER. After 3 months wanting to give up every day, the pain went away from one day to another, and the rest of the year got so easy.

2/ Convenience :

Nursing has made my life so easy while traveling and every day in general. I never had to carry formula, no need to wash bottle. Baby get fussy in a museum, no worry, I just sat in a corner and nursed him and he calmed down right away. After 8 months when he was eating solid food at every meal, I could just nurse him if I had no food with me and not back home yet.

3/ Nursing bras :

I didn’t want to spend a year wearing ugly bras, so I was looking for something comfortable and cute. I have loved Heidi Klum maternity. Those were the nicest nursing bras I could find. I bought the first on Journelle and a second one on Heidi Klum Lingerie website. I only had 2 day nursing bras for the whole year, so let me tell you I washed them alllllllll the time, and they kept up very well. Even my night nursing bras (plain cotton), fell apart faster.



4/ Care product :

I used Lansino Lanoline for month, every time after nursing I would make sure to put some; i think it help a lot avoiding any crack or other pain. Lanoline is great because it’s natural and you don’t need to wipe it off before nursing.

I used a looot of coconut oil on my skin in general. Actually i got so engorged at the begining that I could feel my skin stretch and stretch mark appearing (9 months without any, and 1 month of nursing it had to happen). And After a year, the stretch mark are almost invisible and my sky has stayed pretty smooth and soft. Highly recommend it (also for baby’s butt, but that will be another story for another post 🙂





Water : I just drank a lot of water all the  time and made sure I was actually eating  healthy meals every days (and every time I was a little hungry). I would eat as much as possible home made organic food. With a protein and starch and veggies all the time. I never eat special “nursing mom’s” product (like cereal bars or other). I did took pregnancy vitamins for the first month (just finishing the box I had from before) but that’s it. I deeply believe that organic product are more nutritious because they didn’t got pushed to grow with fertilizer but only with pure soil, sun and water (that’s just my belief).

Let me know how long you have been nursing and what were your tricks, what worked for you or not ? I know so many things has worked for other woman but not at all for us and opposite.

I am curious to know about other people nursing story !



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