Korea Jeju Island

We left Seoul for the week-end to go to Jeju island in the south of South Korea. I didn’t really know what to expect going there, which is (sometimes) the best way to discover a new place, because you can’t be disappointed :-).

We stayed in a Airbnb right by the sea, there was no beach but just volcanic rocks pretty easy to walk on and explore the life running all around the small natural pools made between the rocks. It’s so incredible to think that thousands years ago, this same floor was just melted stones and now it’s full of crabs, fish and other shells. At night we could see a line of fishing boats lighting up the horizon, showing how the sea industry is so strong over there.

From Abalone to squid or raw octopus, the fish market is one of my favorite place. I love the fact that most fishes or shell are for sale alive in the water. It makes me feel like they aren’t killing them for nothing in case they don’t sale them at the end of the day. Also it’s so fresh and local, this is just the best quality of food we can ever have.

Jeju was amazing for the food, and we spent our days driving from a place to another to try their “local mango” juice, local oranges or visiting tea plantation. Fruits tastes different than the one we are used to and are sooooooo delicious, sweet and very rich fruity flavor and everything thanks to the volcanic soil. Hard to describe but I am so happy I got Emiliano to taste it even though he isn’t one year old yet.

If you follow me on instagram, you have probably already seen those dreamy beaches that I’m talking about. Clear water, surfers, divers, this is my dream place.



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