Korea, Day 1 Seoul

Just arrived in Seoul after almost a 24 hours journey.

Ho my god, I used to hate flying but now with a baby it’s even worst, especially when we manage to get a free sit between Pepe and I but I can’t even enjoy it to lay down and sleep (and even Emiliano doesn’t takes advantage of it… :-() But well, I know it’s a first world problem, so I’m not gonna complain about that. I am happy to have arrived in Seoul.

We are staying in the Gangnam area (… Gangnam style  !!) and so far I am pretty surprise to haven’t see so much tourist, it feels like we stand out a lot being having baby with us (haven’t seen any baby).

Every body is so nice and it seems like they love baby, a lady even jumped out in front of us, smiling at Emiliano and touching his cheeks, and wanted to give him a kind of cheetos. She was just being friendly but I my head I was like “Noooooooooooo” ahaha, make it easier to just say “Ho he doesn’t has enough teeth yet, he can’t eat that”. That was just cute tho 🙂 Or another man in a suit walk by an caress his cheeks without even stoping. It was so random and funny somehow !


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