Love Hate relationship

Happy Tuesday guys !!

I always try as much as possible to NOT shop at H&M. I feel so bad about those cheap clothes that we will only wear one season and won’t even fit properly after a couple of wash. But I have to admit I do buy basics there, like plain t-shirt… and since they have an organic cotton or sustainable “Tencel” line, I feel less guilty. But once in a while, my eyes get caught on a dress, and I am a sucker for this kind of dress with a cup cut on top that you can find here. I had another top from H&M this kind, and I have wore it for years until repeated wash make it not wearable anymore 😦

Anyway, to keep talking about H&M, I wanted to talk again about their recycling program. It’s been around for 4 years already, but we still don’t think enough about it.

It is so important to recycle our clothes, and I love how H&M has made it easy. Although I try not to buy so many clothes to not cluttered  my house, but once in a while, I would get rid of some that I don’t wear at all, and H&M make it a great option (thanks to their 15% coupon). So in case you still don’t know what I am talking about, you can check it out here and get more info about it.


5 thoughts on “Love Hate relationship

  1. I didn’t know they had a recycle program! I’ll read more about it. I love H&M, I wanted a white denim jacket for a while now but every one I tried on was too big but finally found the perfect jacket in H&M 😊 love your dress too.


  2. This is such a cute look! I totally know what you mean about the guilt of shopping at fast fashion stores. I’m learning how to become fully ethical and guilt-free in fashion, myself. Have a nice day!


    1. It’s so hard to be able to do it when fast fashion is so afordble and nice to be really true! But they have such a bad impact on environment and people exploited. I’m glad a huge company like H&M is doing something about it even though they aren’t the best exemple either !


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