Week end stroll

Oakland has a lot of secret (or just hidden) spot so cute. Last week end, we went for a walk with my family (baby, husbi and doggy 🙂 and were amazed by how cute some places are (on the way we also crossed 2 quincañera girls having their photo shoot in the same place as us 🙂 fun fact, they didn’t know each other but had the same dress ! )

All the beautiful houses makes us want to buy one and settle down here, but house market is still so crazy in the Bay Area (I come from Paris and thought is was expensive there !! silly me !!). I guess we will still have to wait and see.

Here is a little sneak peek in our saturday walk. I have my favorite neckless that I found in World Market, and again favorite summer shoes Castaner (can also see there). I bought this skirt last time I went in France at Maje (One of my favorite french store, every time I go, it’s my first stop and I always find pieces that I Cherish forever) , and my top is a basic from Zara (Also Zara has such a nice online store, photos makes me want to get eveything ).

And you, what do you like to do in the week end in your city ?


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