Summer day basics


Few years ago (or even a decade ago), I would buy clothes all the time, I would buy shoes and purses, as long as I had money.

Then when traveling became the most important thing in my life, I realized that with $500 you can have a nice pair of shoes, or a flight ticket for the other side of the world. My priority then, changed drastically.

Now that I don’t travel as much, I have learned to appreciate the most simple things in my life (clean laundry, or a new roll of aluminum foil… ), but also to maximize my style by having simple pieces that I really love and are easy to wear with everything.

Like my favorites : skinny black jean and white top. I just change the accessorizes and Voilà !

I bought this purse in 2009 in Selfridges in London, can’t even remember the brand. That’s a example of how I keep basics to use and re use them all the time.

For shoes, it’s different. I think a vey nice pair of shoes can make the whole outfit. I like to have shoes that I will keep long and will fit any style that I want.

Here are my basic shoes : Boots, ballerina, sneakers, converse, summer heels, and stilleto. With that I have all the situation covered. That’s why I like to put a lot of thought in my shoes, so I don’t go and buy some all the time, when I know I will only be wearing the same everytime.

Those are my summer shoes : Castaner espadrille. I love them so much, they are soooooo comfortable, and I am sooo happy I found them. Castaner has THE most beautifull high heels espadrille in the world, and I am so addicted now. They comes in every colors and the quality is amazing.





Hat (Targert) / Top (H&M) / Jeans (H&M) / Shoes (Castaner) / Purse (Selfridges) / Glasses (Chloe)

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