Life Update Postpartum

Hi there ! It has been quite a minute since my last post, I guess I could talk about postpartum overwhelmedness but I don't think everybody will be passionate about it. Anyway, the one thing that gives me all my energy is spring coming back !! And I am so excited to get to go … Continue reading Life Update Postpartum

Christmas Cookie recipe and Advent Calendar

Hello to my first video tutorial !! I have been wanted to make something more entertaining and visual to show how everyday cooking doesn't has to be a hassle, so I hope it gives you a good idea on : How to make the recipe and , Yes it is doable by anybody even when … Continue reading Christmas Cookie recipe and Advent Calendar

Sunflower picking and Family time

This is actually the first time I go sunflower picking. I didn't even know it was a thing! Emiliano was loving to play hide and seek with Pepe in the middle of the flowers. They would call me and he tried to scare me. He actually loved the sunflowers so much that he was crying … Continue reading Sunflower picking and Family time